Taking to Twitter, So Called President Trump rounded on critics of his
administration within the media, and their underhand strategy of recording stuff.

“Edison fake American. Not an inventor. Not a patriot. Beeswax UNAMERICAN.
Filthy trick. Media just as dirty. Needs a wash. I like loofahs best.”

He carried on in that vein for the maximum 280 characters allowed.

Fleshing out his master’s comments in a press briefing shortly thereafter, Sean Spicer was visibly incensed:

“????????????!” Spicer began, before gripping the sides of the podium,
closing his eyes and inhaling deeply.

He continued:

“Is this the American way? In America we share our inventions. We’re a
democracy under God.

“It would have been nice if someone had told us there’s now a way to record what the President said yesterday, and play it back today!

“Had we known that, we’d still have a National Security Adviser!”

Mr. Spicer continued, announcing that the peddlers of fake news won’t get away with
their dirty tricks anymore:

“We know you’re recording the President’s words on beeswax cylinders, so that you
can twist them later. Well, you just wait. Wax melts you know! And
things are only gonna get hotter around here. Just ask the EPA!”

Trump added to his press servant’s comments later, once again via Twitter:

“Prostate. Boring. Fake organ. Drawing up bill. Banning bees. No more
writing with bees. Anyone caught in BIG TROUBLE. Sounds like rouble. Your
finger cold.”