The Trump administration has attempted to erase any indication that Michael Flynn, a retired U.S. General and former National Security Advisor for the administration, worked in his position or even existed. 

At a press conference on February 14, 2017, Sean Spicer, denied that the former advisor had worked in the White House or ever met the president.

“There are rumors circling around for the biased media, that yesterday our National Security Advisor had resigned,” Spicer told reporters at the conference. “I would just like to say that these rumors are all false, a Michael Flynn has never worked with the administration at all.”

This news comes less than 24-hours after Flynn publicized his resignation over allegations that he lied to the Vice President regarding his close ties to Russia, which he consistently denied. Flynn was last seen carrying a briefcase filled with rubles aboard on a Russian aircraft headed toward Crimea.

While Flynn has refused to comment on the incident after sending in his resignation letter, Trump has tweeted about the incident, denying that Flynn ever existed.

“If this Flynn guy exists, how come there’s no birth certificate?” the tweet read. “The fake news media is making this up. He’s definitely not as real as the Bowling Green Massacre.”

In addition, Breitbart, Fox News and many conservative media outlets have been following suit, erasing any reference of Flynn on their media platforms. People in the administration have also attempted to remove his Wikipedia page, however, they eventually gave up and decided to label Wikipedia as “fake news,” instead.

Spicer contends that current Acting National Security Advisor Keith Kellogg has served in the role instead of Flynn since January. “Kellogg, despite his ridiculous name, has provided President Puti- I mean Trump with valuable information regarding our national security since undertaking the job yester- I mean over three weeks ago.”

Kellogg refused to comment on the issue, but released a small statement stating “Try the Kellogg’s brand new Moscow-style corn flakes. Each comes with a free security camera and microphone, for a limited time only!”