The United States is getting a new national anthem, it has been announced. An executive order has been signed replacing the old anthem, The Star-Spangled Banner, with a new song, Donald, Donald Uber Alles.

When asked for comment, Mr Trump answered, “look, The Star-Spangled Banner is an OK tune, but come on, we all know it’s had it’s day. It’s two hundred years old, and we need something new.”

The new tune is not so new however, as it has been taken from the German national anthem. In response, Mr Trump said, “I’m not copying anything, I’m taking an original idea and making it better than anyone ever imagined it could be.”

The new lyrics are written by Donald Trump himself, and glorify him to the fullest extent. When asked about the words, he said, “…hey, the British have God Save The Queen as their national anthem – and I’m much more important than the Queen. I mean, I’m important, really important. This country needs a national anthem that tells the world how important I am. This anthem is great, really great.”

Only time will tell how the public will take to it.