Journalists and other easily baffled people were today up in arms that a thing being tested didn’t work as planned.

Idiots the country over were shocked to be told that highly complicated and expensive systems have to be tested occasionally, rather than be left to decompose in a box under the sea. Also that sometimes these tests don’t work.

Scientists have gone to great pains today to point out that everyday objects don’t just pop into existence fully formed and work without a hitch forever. And that this negation of their entire education,  working lives and expertise is actually a bit of a bummer. 

Rochdale Community University’s Prof Nigel Colinsson, from the Department for Making Shit Work, has this to say;

“Why have I wasted my life building prototypes, testing, failing, starting again, testing, failing, learning from my mistakes and eventually making something that’s the mutts nuts several years later, when I could have just cut out the middle man? I’d better make a note of this concept on my IPhone 6.”

“Perhaps people should be more concerned about why I’ve spent Trillions and developed something that only a total Nazi fruitloop would contemplate using.”