Today The Post Office officially denied responsibility for undelivered items getting lost in the postal system.

Post Office spokespostie, Patrick Clifton, told The Herald;

“It’s the job of the sender to pay enough postage to reach its intended destination, and the recipient’s responsibility to be in when the items are delivered. We’re just the middle men here.”

He went on to say, “any items that can’t be delivered are fed to the postman’s cat. That is how the post office have operated since it was set up, and that is how it will continue.”

A spokesman for The Communications Workers Union, Cliff Clavin, told us “The Post Office’s motto is ‘Ne nuntium necare’ or don’t shoot the messenger. Cats need to eat.”

Of course, the term “messenger” is technically defined as someone who actually delivers messages. So we’re not sure how they were allowed to pick that motto.