This week, a local middle aged man had his FarmVille repossessed during a raid on his parents property on Friars Crescent.

Rich Dale of Rochdale, was tracked down by bailiffs, to the basement of his parents home, where he’d been residing since 1997, after taking out a Provident loan and subsequently defaulting on his weekly repayments.

With nothing but a bucket, a single divan and an iPhone 3 (with charger) to his name, the bailiffs were left with no alternative but to relieve him of over 200 digital hectares of land which contained 22 digital buildings and thousands of digital livestock, which were found hidden inside his communications device.

The seized goods are set to be auctioned off to other players of the somehow popular app and news of this story has also triggered widespread worry with many members of the Minecraft community who also have outstanding debts.