Without any inkling of irony at all, a man who has the support of the USA’s best and brightest Neo-Nazi….sorry, Alt-Right groups, and who plans to intern Mexicans and create a register of Muslims has asked if he lives in Nazi Germany. 

At the time of writing, the entire journalistic and satirical community is staring blankly at their screens with dribble coming out of their slack mouths, as they struggle to know where to begin.

One managed to mumble through the spit;

“This isn’t even post-truth, we don’t know what this is. Did he just actually say that….Yes he did. Technically it’s not Nazi Germany no, because it’s the US. But he’s backed by Nazis, some of his advisers run Nazi propaganda websites, a lot of his supporters are Nazis, a lot of his policies are awfully close to what the Nazis did. There’s even a combover in common.  It’s too close to call for me. The only difference appears to be geography.”

In the meantime it has been suggested that someone nail a large print dictionary to the man’s forehead, with all the pages except the one with “Irony” on it ripped out, and every word on that page except that one redacted, just to be sure.

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