The editor of the Rochdale Herald, Quentin D. Fortesqueue has been knighted for services to fake news. Mr Fortesqueue, 58, said he was delighted to receive the honour as it would make people take fake news more seriously.

“In a post-truth world, the difference between reality and fiction becomes blurred. I’m hoping that in 2017, it will become indistinct”, said Sir Quentin.

He will receive the honour alongside Will Self, knighted for services to flabbergastery. Sir Quentin and Sir Will have announced their engagement with a marriage ceremony at Westminster Abbey scheduled for June.

Sir Will has said that the knighthoods are “spectacularly mundane”, and is planning to take Sir Quentin on honeymoon to Heathrow Airport’s Burger King franchise.

The Queen, suffering from a heavy cold, was unavailable for comment, but a Palace spokesperson sneezed on her behalf.

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