A bad week for the Reynolds family ended on a high note today as mother Debbie was posthumously awarded the Virgin Mary Award for competitive mums.

The award was named after the original celebrity upstager The Virgin Mary. Famously Mary bounced a rock off her son’s forehead after Jesus, the then rising star of the Christianity cult, made the schoolboy error of interrupting a stoning to say “those without sin” should cast the first stone.

Since then celebrity Mothers who just can’t let their offspring have their moment in the sun have been recognised with “The Virgy”.

Previous winners have included Dina Lohan who took a film crew to the rehab clinic to record her daughter’s humiliation for posterity. Jackie Stallone who toured her son’s Red Carpets telling reporters that she can tell the future by touching men’s butts and Goldie Hawn for her ongoing plastic surgery duel with her daughter.

However, this is believed to be the first time a mother has taken the extreme step of dying to get her daughter off the front pages. A performance of truly Virginal proportions.