A woman has rationally told a few friends, in person and not on social media, that she was sorry to hear about the death of a famous film star.

Whilst mentioning that the best know films were very popular during her childhood she did say that – good as they were – they were not fundamental to her existence.

Also she said that she had never met the film star nor never made any effort to do so. Sorry as she was to hear of the death she didn’t want to give her friends the impression that she could be “devastated” by the death. Still she was very sorry for the friends and family of the star who had lived an interesting & privileged life.

News of the rational response comes hot on the heels of a viscous FaceBook assault of a man in Harrogate who had failed to re-post a string of dewey-eyed tributes to a recently deceased singer.

Reports say he told friends that he was really sorry to hear of the death of the singer. He had no personal connections to the singer yet he was still saddened at the news.

However, trouble flared when he suggested that others who were big fans, owned the entire back-catalogue in 4 formats of film & photos would probably experience no change in their relationship to the singer whom they had never met either.

The man is believed to have been unfriended in one of the worst cases of fauxtrage ever witnessed in Yorkshire.