Donald Trump confounded satirists again this week after sensationally declaring that he doesn’t need intelligence as he has managed to get this far without any.

The seventy year old president elect made the astonishing statement to a journalist that he doesn’t need daily intelligence briefings from the CIA because he has “got this far without it.”

“I know many things. I have the best brain. I don’t need it filling with unnecessary things like intelligence.” Donald Trump told The Herald. “Seriously, what’s the worst that could happen?”

“Look” he continued “intelligence is overrated. I love stupid people. Look at Iowa. They’re stupid and they voted for me.”

“We spend too much on intelligence. The CIA is bigly expensive. It’s time we got a better deal on our intelligence. We’re going to do a deal with the KGB to sell us their second hand intelligence. It’s a great deal. Believe me.”

A spokesman for the CIA told us;

“Seriously, nothing surprises me anymore.”