President-elect of the USA Donald J Trump has been named “Person Of The Year” by TIME magazine which referred to its own nation as the Divided States of America on its front page.

Known as Man Of The Year until 1999, the Person Of The Year tradition goes back to 1927 when the first recipient was Charles Lindbergh following his NYC to Paris solo flight. 

Other notable honours have included Mahatma Ghandi (1930), Queen Elizabeth II (man of the year 1952), Winston Churchill (1940 & ‘49), Popes John XXIII, John Paul II and Francis, JFK and Martin Luther King Jr. Sharing the field with these luminaries are the Likes of Wallis Simpson (1936), Adolph Hitler (1938), Joseph Stalin (1939 & ‘42) and Ayatollah Khomeini (1979). Fine company indeed for the Wiggy Wonder.

In the opening line of his cover story on yesterday’s copy of TIME, Michael Scherer says:

“Even for Donald Trump, the distance is still fun to think about, up here in his penthouse 600 ft. in the sky, where it’s hard to make out the regular people below.”

Yes, folks, the good old Trumpster thinks it’s fun to gaze down on the regular people as if they were “mites in the gutter”. 

Is that the regular working class folk that Calamity-in-waiting Trump claims to care so much about whilst he travels to his three floor penthouse in his gold elevator and dines off monogrammed plates with napkins embroidered with the family name? The same regular people he shows such little respect for as he places friends and family in positions of power and risks major international diplomatic incidents with his every word?

You can read the whole cover story here TIME magazine’s Person Of The Year 2017

Trump himself says:

“What amazes a lot of people is that I’m sitting in an apartment the likes of which nobody’s ever seen and yet I represent the workers of the world.”

To paraphrase Gerald the Gorilla, Amazed? I was absolutely livid!

Does he honestly believe that he represents the working class? Surely this statement alone proves that idea of the working class is so abstract to him that he has no idea what the phrase actually means. This spoilt little rich kid, born with a platinum spoon in his mouth. He’s about as far removed from the working class as Beluga Caviar is from a Findus crispy pancake. 

The late Fidel Castro must be spinning in his grave so fast that if they hooked him up to a dynamo he could power Havana for a decade. Trump’s closest neighbours are international billionaire moguls who have decided to stash their money in the two newest skyscrapers in midtown Manhattan. Why then has this antithesis of the working man’s hero been given the moniker “Person Of The Year”?

In an editorial, TIME Editor in Chief, Nancy Gibbs, explains how they came to the decision:

“For reminding America that demagoguery feeds on despair and that truth is only as powerful as the trust in those who speak it, for empowering a hidden electorate by mainstreaming its furies and live-streaming its fears, and for framing tomorrow’s political culture by demolishing yesterday’s, Donald Trump is TIME’s 2016 Person of the Year.”

I have no doubt that President-erect Trump will struggle with a tricky word like demagoguery so I’ve a dictionary definition:

Demagoguery is an appeal to people which plays on their emotions and prejudices rather than on their rational side. Demagoguery is a manipulative approach — often associated with dictators and sleazy politicians — that appeals to the worst nature of people.

Pretty much sums up President-not-yet Trump’s campaign doesn’t it?

Trump is not a Person Of The Year, he’s someone who has never and will never have to do a day’s work in his life feeding a desperate country lies, half-truths and hollow, empty promises to enable himself to get his hands on the ultimate prize, the bottomless pot of gold, Commander In Chief of the most powerful nation on earth.

Is this the American dream? Can Sterident-elect Trump ask the people of the now so horribly Divided States of America to hold him as an example of what every American citizen can aspire to, that anyone can become President and lead the free world into a brighter future? No, he is proving categorically that money and power stay comfortably nestled within the bosom of their rich and privileged family.

And please, for the love of God, someone delete his Twitter account before he starts World War Three!