Unelected Prime Minister and part time Zelda impersonator has managed to anger both equalities protesters and AIDS awareness groups with her latest gaffe.

Mrs May has announced a 300% pay rise for all civil servants and parliamentary aides today to mark World AIDS Day.

Earlier today she announced the pay increase stating;

“A rise in salary for our hard working civil servants has been long over due and World Aides Day is the perfect time to show our recognition.”

The rise will run parallel to the 400% pay rise MP’s are expected to enjoy later this week.

Prince Harry, who is awaiting the results of an HIV test he took in Barbados to mark the beginning of his relationship with pop Princess Rihanna said;

“What’s the most difficult thing about watching your girlfriend take an HIV test? Looking surprised when she tells you she’s positive.”

“All joking apart I really hope it comes back negative or Meghan is going to be really pissed off. What, what.”

One of Harry’s full time carers pushed him to one side and continued;

“May’s done what? Look AIDS is no laughing matter. This year marks 35 years since the first reported death from AIDS and since then 35 million people have died from the disease. Despite Harry’s trips to Las Vegas we’re 99.9% positive he’s not positive. But it’s better to be certain.”

Get tested and remember, better safe than sorry.