In a massive change of direction, our government known for privatising everything for short term gain and long term loss has bought out Dutch based media firm Endemol and placed all of its output into the public sector.

This includes its flagship show, the one time hugely popular Big Brother, which has seen a steady decline in viewing figures since it was moved to the division inciting and poor victimising Channel 5.

The change in format was requested personally by mass voyeur Theressa May, the acting Prime Minister until a week before Article 50 is due to be triggered.

Mrs. May, who works very closely with a Jeremy and a Hammond but sadly has nothing in common with the lovable yet massively flawed James May, said in a statement;

“I’m watching you and so is everyone else. If you’ve nothing to hide you’ve nothing to fear.”

The move comes after Mrs. May stealthy passed her controversial ‘Snoopers Charter’ bill in the house of Commons by cunningly having a useless opposition.

The programme which is next to air in 2017 will give everyone a glimpse into everyone else’s lives using the hacked smart TV’s, phones, laptops and tablets of the general public.

Tory Chief Whip and police despiser, Andrew Mitchell, said;

“The estimated revenue generated from this move would be immense. It could end austerity within a week! It could but it won’t. The fucking plebs love a bit of ‘what are they up to?’ like that Gogglebox for example, saddos watching other saddos watching TV. They’ll lap this crap up.”