The two political heavyweights have decided to ‘put aside their differences for the future of the UK’ they said in a press release.

The party, called ‘Central’ has been described as ‘filling the void in the political landscape as The Conservatives lurch further to the right and Labour are all just nutters.’

In a statement Mr Farage said;

“With poor leadership on Brexit and a weak opposition, Tony and I thought it proper to step in and take back control. Central is predominantly a party of centrist politics with a right leaning slant. I look forward to leading it.”

However we later caught up with Mr. Blair who said;

“Central is a fundamentally left wing party with aspects of centrist policy. As leader I look forward to working closely with my new deputy, Nigel.”

The official party launch is due next Friday in a working man’s club in Reading and is thought to be introduced to ‘Stuck in the Middle with you” by that band.

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