Nigel Farage is either blind to numbers or being a massive hypocrite, according to Professor Brian Cox, the eminent almost-Rochdale scientist. 

“Farage has spent months whining on about how political and judicial frameworks must not be allowed to negate the will of a majority of voters. However, he is now crowing over the ‘victory’ of Donald Trump which appears to have been by a majority of roughly minus a quarter of a million votes.”

Professor Cox, who would have been born in Rochdale had his parents not lived seven miles away from the town, continued;

“The fact that Trump’s victory has been delivered by exactly the same sort of political structure Farage has been thundering about potentially delaying Brexit seems to have escaped the bumptious braying tosser completely.”

He concluded by saying “It is clear Farage is not fit to look after a child’s tricycle much less play a part in government.”

Professor Cox is Head of Quantum Quantities at a University very near Rochdale.