Shock news reaching us today of defection of the Labour leader and terrorist sympathiser Jeremy Corbyn has left the party in favour of Britain First.

The shock move was thought to be spurred by Corbyn’s sympathy for the racist simpletons only getting 21 people at a London rally which they claimed was going to be their biggest yet.

It seems in spite of having in excess of 1 million Facebook likes they can’t even draw a bath.

Corbyn was heard to say “over the summer during the pointless leadership challenge I was drawing crowds of thousands and it seems a little unfair that I hog the limelight so I’m lending Paul Golding a hand”

The defection is thought to pave the way for another Labour leadership election, with Albert Steptoe favourite to lead the party for at least the next 8 months.

This shock move gives Britain First their first MP and they don’t intend to stop their, they’re in talks to merge with UKIP and have Paul Golding lead both parties