All national media outlets are continuing with their agreement to stop any reporting of a certain well known political leader this week, who we can not name for legal reasons

Chief columnist for The Sun, A. S. Hole, said;

“It took as long time to realise that every time we attacked this commie tosser his approval ratings seemed to increase, even if we made up some bullshit about him shitting on the Queens herb garden, nobody seemed to care.”

The universally despised ‘leader’ had been attacked for months by every media source, even The Metro.

An anonymous hack from The Daily Mail said; “It was no easy task attacking this guy, he didn’t eat bacon sandwiches, he’d never shagged a pig and he didn’t even have a butler. Our only saving grace was was his hatred of his own country, his complete disdain for Royality and his love of ISIS, or so we thought, but it didn’t matter what muck we slung, the public seemed to think he was alright.”

The attacks hit fever pitch back in August when the unamed hammer and sickle carrying terrorist lover failed to sit on a seat in an empty train.

“We’d tried everything to discredit him, the public seemed to like it when Cameron called him scruffy so we’d spent the last few months mocking his dress sense which also failed. Traingate was our last dig, we even got Branson on board but the public still refused to hate him. We decided it was best to just stop talking about him in the end.”

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