Samsung made a shock announcement at the weekends major technology event, TERD (Technology, Electronics RochDale), which was held at the former site of The Xanadu night club in Rochdale.

They’re launching a massive product overhaul, controversially dropping the Galaxy range and the new range will be called Supernova.

The massive step change for the technology giant is intended to reflect the new direction they’ve decided to take in manufacturing mobile incendiary devices.

Yukan Fucov, head of EMEA Product Development for Samsung said;

“It’s an exciting time here for everyone at Samsung, we’re constantly thinking of ways we can develop and improve our products and we’re harnessing the power of these new features, we know that device security is a concern for a lot of people, if the device has destroyed itself all of your sensitive data is gone too. There is also the potential for catastrophe too, we just need to work out how to harness the full destructive power of the device”

The Supernova product set currently only self combusts randomly but Samsung are hoping to develop timed settings, remote detonation and also some environmental triggers which will mean much more control over when and how your device destroys itself and everything around it.

Pricing is believed to be similar to the current handset portfolio, with the Galaxy 7 edge at the same price point as the Supernova 7 edge.

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