Minister for Brexiteers, David Davis, has reported that people only getting 90 cents to the Pound is proof that everything is going well with Brexit.

The minister, who has been arguing against the elected MPs of the nation having any say whatsoever in exactly what a Brexit might look like after the electorate voted to not have decisions made without their elected representatives in parliament being involved.

“Yes, this is brilliant for business and for the United Kingdom,” said Davis from his boat, “99 ¢ is a good… 90¢ is a… 89¢ is a good deal and it’s going to encourage all those foreigners that we’re publicly demonising to come and spend their money before we chuck them out!”

“You’re boat is sinking,” pointed out our reporter.

“Nonsense! We’re just taking on extra liquid ballast to make sure that the boat doesn’t float away. Besides water is very valuable, I could make an abubblubbububub blub ub…”

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