Vodafone has won a bid to convert the iconic Eiffel Tower into a transmission mast, it has emerged.

The telecommunications giant secured the deal for an undisclosed sum after a fierce contest with the French Ministère de la Culture, who were keen to preserve the enormous pylon for future generations.

Vodafone Director of Operations, John Toad said, ‘We are delighted with this acquisition.
There’s very little to do, and once we’ve ripped out the restaurants and other paraphernalia, we’ll have it fully operational and meeting our commitment of 100% coverage across Paris by 2017.’

Eiffel is one of the most popular monuments in the world, although that is set to change over concerns that tourists will absorb ‘lethal’ doses of radiation over a typical visit.

Waspish talks are underway to rename the Tour Eiffel, with ‘Vodafone Tower’ dismissed by the French as ‘too English.’

‘We’d be happy to compromise on Tower Vodafone,’ said Toad.