The beleaguered ‘leader’ of the ‘opposition’ made the bizzare statement  in an interview with Andrew Neil earlier today.

When asked what his motivation for such a suggestion was, the Stalinist swivel eyed lunatic said; “Islam is the fastest growing religion in the UK today”.

The reaction of the panel was one of outrage as Jeremy Hunt labelled the dithering Jew despiser “unrealistic”, whilst Anna Soubry described him as an “out of touch hammer and sickle carrying bastard”.

The Parliamentary Labour Party has yet to comment on this latest gaffe but things are certainly not looking good for the wannabe despot with a huge mandate of people with learning difficulties. 

Below is the interview in full;

Andrew Neil: “So, I’ve finished the Blue Nun and kicked off my shoes. Let’s give a warm welcome, via video link anyway, to Jeremy Corbyn, who’s policies, to me, may seem realistic. For now.

Jeremy Corbyn: “Thank you Andrew and may I say it’s great to be asked on your show.”

Andrew Neil: “You may, although I dare say the rest of our guests feel the same. I jest. I digress. Let’s get to the point, you’re hear to talk policy so let’s hear it.”

Jeremy Corbyn: “Thank you Andrew *sniffles* Under Tory rule we’ve seen wages stagnate and house prices soar. I want to pledge 60,000 new council houses every year.”

Andrew Neil: “And could one pray in these new golden homes?”

Jeremy Corbyn: “I suppose, yes. You could pray anywhere if you wanted to. I don’t see where you’re going with this…”

Andrew Neil: “So. Muslims could pray specifically in these 60,000 new golden, let’s call them, ‘Mini Mosques’? Why did you single out Islam in your plans?

Jeremy Corbyn: “Well Islam is the largest growing faith in the UK, that’s not a lie and obviously there would be more demand for new Mosques, as opposed to, say, churches. So obviously more money would be needed to be set aside for that.  Look. I think you’ve missed my point entirely.  I’m talking about brand new houses, not places of worsh…”

Andrew Neil: “Ah, what a shame. We appear to have lost the enigmatic Mr. Corbyn. Alas, the debate continues. Message us on the Twitter, the Fleecebook or by screaming your rage in the general direction of the studio.

The question?

Should Labour build 60,000 brand new Mosques?”