Barry Inferness, a 34 year old brick layer from Scotland made the discovery at a house party in Smallbridge last week;

“A just thought, yer know. What if they made spicy Mars bars? It’d be fuckin’ mint wunt it? Cos spicys ‘ot an that an’ Mars bars a sweet”.

Barry’s friend, Mick Jenkins, an unemployed careers officer from Syke added; “It wa’ mad! Me mate Jon wa’ chattin’ shit about opening a 24 hour pet groomers when Baz just shot him down wi’ ‘is spicy Mars bar idea. We were all in awe. We spoke about it for hours”

The party ended at 8:35am when everyone collectively said; “It’s fucking daylight for fuck sake” then instantly forgot what they were going to say next, which was the most important thing in the world.

Spicy Mars bars will not be going on sale and cocaine is bad. 

Unless it’s pure.