In what is turning out to be a much dragged out saga of scandal after scandal from those jumped up meme thieves over at SNN comes further revelations as our offices at The Rochdale Herald were rocked this morning when we received information regarding their corporate ownership.

Trading heavily on being southern and serving the great public “Down sowf” a source close to the pop up ad riddled satire site told us he believes they are actually owned by northern business giant Mike Ashley, owner of Sports Direct. Working in terrible cramped conditions for literally no pay, which could explain why they only employ writers who can “cut & paste”.

We believe fooling the great British public like this is an absolute shocking state of affairs so we faxed the story straight over to our editor in his London dockside penthouse apartment who demanded we run the story wether we had a single fact or not. So we did

We tried to get a quote from what’s his face at SNN, but he was out walking his whippets or flying his kestrel or something northern like that.