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Corbyn sacks last of Shadow Cabinet who didn’t resign last year

In a shock move Friday Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn sacked all of his shadow ministers who didn't resign last year in protest at his...
Shrugging Man

Who needs firemen anyway asks DUP clad Tory government

There was anger in parliament last night as the government narrowly defeated a motion by the Labour Party to end the cap on public...

Gove to juggle environment portfolio with rent boy role in Midnight Cowboy sequel

Michael Gove will juggle his new appointment as environment minister with a starring role in the long awaited sequel to 60s cult classic movie,...

Dave Grohl invites Jeremy Corbyn to front a reformed Nirvana

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl has invited Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn to front a planned reformation of his former band Nirvana. Speaking to...

Corbyn vows to walk to Brussels to get best Brexit deal

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has vowed that if he becomes Prime Minister he will personally walk to Brussels to demonstrate how serious he is...

Nuttall to captain UK Olympic waterboarding team

UKIP party leader, former archbishop of Canterbury, Duke of Edinburgh in Waiting and Huddersfield Town striker, Paul Nuttall has been named as...

Trump’s spin doctor quits complaining of dizzy spells

Donald Trump's chief spin doctor Tuesday quit his job in the White House complaining of "dizzy spells". Mike Dubke, who only took up the role...
Lucy Worsley

Lucy Worsley to front 10 part series on History of Lucy Worsley

Dishy blonde TV historian Lucy Worsley Monday announced that she will be presenting a new 10 part series "The Entire History of Lucy Worsley". The new...

Jeremy Hunt to introduce Pay Per View Patient Records

NHS officials have confirmed reports that health minister Jeremy Hunt has been hacked. "Since his initial appointment as health minister in 2012 we have been working on...

Monster Raving Looney Party offers UKIP electoral pact

UKIP may have lost all but one of its local council seats in England and Wales, in a disastrous showing in local council elections...

Outrage as Dawn French confirmed for lead role in The Diane Abbot Story

Anti-racism campaigners were up in arms Wednesday following the news that Dawn French has been chosen to play the lead role in the upcoming...

Batman and Robin demand exemption from UKIP Burqa ban

International fictional crime fighting duo Batman and Robin Tuesday issued a writ demanding exemption from UKIP's planned blanket ban on burqas which the party...

UKIP policy committee accidentally executes itself

UKIP's national policy committee has accidentally hanged itself following the launch of its new policy demanding that under aged girls from "risk groups" be...

Diageo to move Scotch Whisky production to Romania

Inter galactic alcoholic drinks giant JoJo - Diageo is to close all of its Scotch Whisky distilleries in Scotland and move production to Romania, the company...

Shock poll puts Bashar Assad ahead of May and other UK party leaders

The first opinion poll conducted since Prime Minister Theresa May called a snap general election for June 8th has delivered a shock result. A staggering...

Tim Farron tells press ‘I can’t wait to be in charge after election’

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron feels his party is heading for glory, glory hallelujah in the newly called June election, and that he is...

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