Media tycoon and ancient demonic scrotum, Rupert Murdoch has broken viral photo editor FaceApp, attempting to see what his face would look like in 40 years.

Developers say the app was “not designed to undertake such an impossible task,” as today, newspaper Davros, Rupert Murdoch attempted to follow millions of others in the viral trend of photo ageing.

Speaking to the Herald, Faye Sapp, CEO of the company, explained the “crows feet and jowl levels were beyond the realms of possibility. The AI actually attempted to enter dimensions that defied physics. Imagine trying to make an origami bloodhound out of tree bark. Is just too many wrinkles.”

Murdoch is one of many vain, self obsessed internet users attempting to find out what their face would look like in forty years if it wasn’t for the impending destruction of the planet.

FaceApp insist covert data harvesting will resume shortly.