In an emotional final show, 102 year old Tommy Atkins held off challengers by singing Vera Lynn songs in a quavering voice in front of a backdrop featuring Lancasters, Spitfires, red phone boxes, sausages and bulldogs.

“You have taken our country back” said chief judge Simon Yaxley-Lennon. Co-judge Winston Walliams concurred “You have put the Great back in Britain”.

The acts, introduced by popular Geordie double act Dec Flanagan and Ant Allen, included Britannia And Her Unicorns, cheeky comedian Jacob Creme-Cracker with his catchphrase ‘Whoops Mr Barnier, there goes Brussels’ and Horace Johnstone, the lovable chappie with his troop of picaninnies.

However the veteran Chelsea pensioner won with 52% of the vote. The losing finalist, Nigel Farage, who was appearing for the eighth time having never previously won, was overheard as saying

“This represents unfinished business”.