POTATUS has announced that he will begin to give CNN press conferences in Saudi Embassies from now on.

The announcement comes as his administration complained that reporters ask too many hard questions and rarely ask him what his favorite color is (white in case you were wondering) or cup his balls like Fox News.

Making the announcement one staff member said, “The White House has become too small for the amount of press people that want to attend. As such, there will now be press conferences in Saudi embassies which have much more spacious conference rooms. We’ll be sending out invitations to members of the press so that they can gain access to the Embassy. They can ask as many acidic questions as they like then.”

The move comes a day after POTATUS refused to answer questions from a CNN Reporter then released a propaganda video of an alleged assault on a White House staff member which everyone knows is obviously manipulated but POTATUS expects everyone to play along with him.

Another insider said, “It’s a bit ridiculous. That woman was walking around obviously not suffering any effects. Then you come in this morning and she’s covered in bandages, sitting in a wheel chair and has a bruised face.”

Last night POTATUS tweeted, “CNN should be ashamed. I’m very polite. This wouldn’t happen in North Korea. The Press there knows how to behave to great and dear leaders such as myself.”

When contacted, CNN refused to comment.