The Queen is afraid of the orange mess Trump will make during his visit. 

The President of the United States, Donald Trump wants to meet the Queen of England. Queen Elizabeth II really does not want to meet Donald Trump. The Queen finds The President of the United States to be boorish, grumpy and unclean. Queen Elizabeth’s main concern is Donald Trump will be leaving orange residue all over Buckingham Palace. The Palace is immaculate and The Queen would not enjoy tiny orange handprints all over the palace. The Queen is still recovering from when Charles finished a bag of Doritos and used the drapes to clean his hands.

Buckingham Palace’s staff has been placing covers over every item of furniture. There have been talks about maybe having the meeting outside. To limit the mess Trump could make during his visit. The Queen is very open to him just driving by and she promises to give a quick wave.

Donald Trump is coated in a thick layer of orange filth. Scientist have yet to figure out where it came from. Due to the size of his rear end and stomach, his gravitational pull attracts more orange. Leading to him looking like a walking carrot.

The Queen is considering cancelling the meeting at the last minute. Her idea is to text Donald Trump as he approaches the gates. With a message of “Sorry, this is a bad time. How about in 3 years?” The Queen is hoping in that time the US has a leader that doesn’t shed nacho cheese with every step.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump has said he doesn’t want to meet the second Queen Elizabeth. He should be entitled to meet the first Queen Elizabeth. Trump said, “UK, threatening to only let me meet the second Queen Elizabeth. I’m not from some s***hole country. I should be allowed to meet the main Queen Elizabeth.”