Summer is here and forecasters are predicting a heatwave in the coming weeks. With temperatures expected to hit 30oC the country will be awash with self-appointed dog wardens smashing their way into cars to rescue dogs. But, what do you do if you come out of the shopping center and there isn’t a group of chavs looking for a legitimate outlet for mindless violence?

The Rochdale Herald travelled to Rochdale to find out what people did when they found their dog had died in their hot car.

Frances, 44

A couple of years ago I’d parked up to go into a café for a quick drink. When I came out I found my pet Chihuahua was dead. It was devastating initially but I decided to turn the tragedy into a positive. I got him stuffed and placed on the settee. He loved humping that settee so, when I sit in my Lazyboy and turn it on to vibrate it’s just like old days.

Bran, 38

We came out of Asda with the kids and discovered that a small gap in the top of the window just isn’t enough. Poor Benji was well and truly cooked. He’d been there 3 hours. The kids were devastated. It was especially difficult as there wasn’t enough room in the boot for his body so he had to travel in one of the kids car seats. It was then we realized that we could turn Benji into gloves and a hat each for the kids. Now they can remember Benji all year long.

Patrick, 55

I’d just nipped into the Post Office but got talking to an old mate in there. Before I knew it I came out and my Rottweiler, Jesus was almost dead. I ran him over to finish him off in the most humane way I could think of. As I gazed at him on the floor I realized he’d make a great rug for the living room. Now he’s got pride of place on my living room floor.

Mary, 22

I’ve had 6 dogs die in the car over the years. I’m big into food and recently I discovered Korean food. Forget Kimchee, the Bosintang and Gaegogi Jeongol is the business. Such a lean source of protein and a great way to remember your dog over the winter. Plus, I’ve used the left overs for glue. My dogs had holding my furniture together.

Fact checked by Snopes; Plagiarised by Andrew Neil; Nancy Sinatra's favourite Rochdale satirist; sued by Chris Froome and winner of the 1922 Nobel Prize for Chemistry.* *Not all of these necessarily true.