A British-Asian family came under intense fire today, after being accused of extreme ‘cultural appropriation’ from White groups, for enjoying a post pub curry at their local suburban Indian restaurant last weekend.

The Sharma family, of Hazel Grove, stumbled into the Bengali Ballboy restaurant in Davenport after frequenting their local, but were eventually asked to leave by management following a barrage of complaints from white guests for ‘encroaching into their cultural boundaries’.

Fellow diner and colossal gammon, Paul Whiteman, found fame after amateur footage of him bravely confronting the ignorant diners was Retweeted by Nigel Farage, the Chuckle Brother who isn’t dead and Morrisey.  He gave his thoughts on the shocking scenes in an exclusive interview with the Herald.

“I was flabbergasted – the Dad was all over the shop, clearly had far too much to drink, giving it large about adding more spice in all the dishes assuring everyone he could take it, before falling asleep face-down in his food and being carted away by his embarrassed children, who offered some sort of half-arsed apology.

“That’s the birth right bestowed on white-British children alone, after our forefathers spent generations training our taste buds to cope with the intense heat of a chicken korma.  Why should this privilege be extended to other cultures willy-nilly?!”

Restaurant manager, Khalid Pradesh, was also somewhat perturbed by the incident. “I was very shocked, I must say, to see scant regard for others’ cultural heritage.  They even ordered poppadoms which, as everyone knows, were invented in 1973 as a ‘delicacy’ to sell to gullible white people at 10000% mark up.

“They’re basically just deep fried sawdust.  I’ve never once been to India and eaten a poppadom, have you?!  And that’s without getting onto the whole bloody ‘Mango Chutney’ thing!  To see a family of Asian descent buy these showed a complete lack of cultural understanding, and we will ask future guests to show some respect.”

Amid the furore, a spokesperson for The Sharma family revealed they were unavailable for comment on the matter, as they were attending Premier League Darts that evening.