Following a public falling out today between the President of France and the Dictator of the United States of America the Statue of Liberty has announced that she will be shortly emigrating back to France.

Lady Liberty, or La Liberte eclairant le Monde as she prefers to be known, is said to be keen to return to France where there is some actual liberty.

“I’ve been welcoming immigrants into the United States since 1886.” She told the Rochdale Herald.

“The current administration isn’t terribly welcoming to anybody these days and now that these clowns are falling out with the French, well it’s only a matter of time that they find out where I’m from and ICE comes knocking on my pedestal.”

The giant statue, built by the bloke who built the Eiffel Tower and designed by a German Italian naturalised Frenchman called Bartholdi was originally offered the job of lighthouse at the entrance to the Suez Canal but turned it down to work in America.

“It seemed like a good gig at the time. I quite like the seasons and you don’t get much of a winter in Egypt. I thought at the time being a beacon of hope in America would have been a job for life.”

“But this administration seems pretty set on trade embargoes, jingoism, institutional racism and a militarised police force.”

“The food is better in Paris too.”