Meghan Markle revealed that she’s perfected the art of waving to thousands of people.

The Duchess of Sussex was appearing at the Trooping of the colour to mark the Queen’s birthday.

The Rochdale Herald’s waving expert, told us, “Today we saw all those hours of practice pay off for Meghan. Whereas in the past she would just wave like an excitable teenager today it was much more polished and poised. It oozed regalness. The wave was coming more from the elbow and looked much more regal than it has before. She was much more dead eyed as well which will be seen as a positive. The crowd really loved it and reacted enthusiastically.”

One royalty fan told us, “I think it sends out a great message to young people. 6 hours of practice a day at waving and you can achieve the sort of perfection that Meghan has achieved today. It’s just a shame the Duke of Edinburgh wasn’t there to see it.”

It’s been alleged by some that the Queen only had her cataract operation so she could bear witness to this monumental moment in this nation’s history. Ex servant, Cervantes Davidson told us, “It’s been a long road for Meghan to perfect waving. When she first met the Queen she high fived her and asked her what was up. Her Majesty didn’t understand and said a light bulb.”

The wave comes just weeks after their rumoured mini honeymoon in Rochdale. Whilst in Rochdale the pair are rumoured to have enjoyed a romantic meal at The Sir Winston Churchill Harvester restaurant.