Ketamine dealers nationwide have moved to distance themselves from Katie Hopkins, it has been confirmed.

The news came following the upholding of a complaint by the Independent Press Standards Organisation made by Hopkins into recent reporting of her disastrous trip to South Africa.

Gobshite Hopkins, 63, objected to press coverage that claimed that she had been detained in South Africa for taking ketamine, when in fact the reason for her detention was on suspicion of spreading racial hatred.

“This is an important distinction which we wish to bring to the attention of the wider ketamine-related community”, said local ketamine enthusiast Big Dan, 2 bags-for-15 behind the Batley Working Men’s Club. “Ketamine and its users don’t discriminate against regular users, occasional users, novices or anyone from any country, religion, ethnic background or sexual status.”

“We’d make an exception for her though. She’s a proper cunt.”