Hundreds of Burnley schoolchildren are now aware of the existence of deodorant thanks to the recent playground craze.

The craze involves spraying deodorant from a can onto bare skin until the recipient can no longer take it and can lead to blisters and even scarring.

Gemma Stone, who works in Superdrug in the town told us how sales had gone mad with kids piling in to the shop asking where they can find “that sprayey stuff.”

“The shop reeked of weed and pubescent body odour. We just held our noses and pointed them to the right aisle and hoped they’d all get out quickly before we fainted.”

Aiden Smith, a 14 year old we interviewed told us “I had no idea what this stuff was until the other day. Apparently you’re supposed to use it every day. It’s great because when you use it you attract loads of women. My house now smells of Lynx and desperation instead of weed and desperation.”

Burnley Councils Department for Education has told worried parents to stop contacting them. One council worker told us, “this is as bad as the great bathing scare of 2015.”

It’s understood he was referring to the time in 2015 when several Burnley residents attempted to bathe using soap and water. The council was forced to declare a state of emergency that time