Comedy duo and twin brothers Ant and Dec are to serve a six month sentence together in Wormwood Scrubs prison.

The unusual move has come after Ant McPartlin crashed his car and failed a breath test last weekend.

Speaking at a press conference Hugh Bodgit QC of Fudgit, Bodgit and Scarper Solicitors told The Rochdale Herald “My client is to serve a six month sentence but, as the presiding judge was unable to tell the twins apart, both of them will serve the sentence just in case.”

In a statement, a representative of the twins told us “Haway man! Give us a stottie and a bottle of dog man. It’s easy to tell them apart. Dec’s got a forehead like a fat slag’s bum-cheek and Ant’s the short one, like Morecambe and Wise like. or is it the other way round?”

DNA tests are to be conducted during their time behind bars and the results will be tattooed on their eyes for the avoidance of any future doubt.