There has been chaos today around Cambridge today after all the Sat Navs in the town spontaneously held a minute silence in remembrance of brilliant physicist Stephen Hawking.

The traffic was particularly dreadful around junction 12 of the M11 and the A603 with many motorists complaining of completely uncharacteristically static rush hour traffic.

A TomTom called Tom told The Rochdale Herald that: “We felt it important to acknowledge the passing of fellow electronically voiced genius, raconteur and all round good egg Stephen Hawking.”

Professor Hawking, best known by an ignorant public for his roles on US TV shows The Simpsons and The Big Bang Theory, also wrote a couple of bestselling books and changed mankind’s understanding of the universe by setting out a theory of cosmology explained by a union of general relativity and quantum mechanics. Who knew?

The bloke who bought and subsequently read the whole of Stephen Hawking’s bestselling book, A Brief History of Time, told The Rochdale Herald: “I still don’t know what it’s about but it looks good on my bookshelf.”

RIP Professor Hawking 8th January 1942 – 14th March 2018.