Ground-breaking cooperative research between experts in Linguistics, Social Sciences, and Psychology sheds light on evidence that those who “tell it like it is” are undeniably awful people.

Speaking from the Institute of Decent Social Behaviour at Rochdale Community University, Dr. Steve Dickinson explained the implications of the study.

“This is the first time in modern science that such a multidisciplinary study has been undertaken”, comments Dr. Dickinson. “We all know a guy in the office, a middle-aged mum on Facebook, and several prominent “celebs” who like nothing more than screaming vitriol relating to their prejudices (via Twitter) to the echo chamber of their fanbase. We thought there must be a connection!”

Speaking candidly about the initial findings, Dr. Dickinson adds:

“We noticed that a common occurrence is that these people are often said to “tell it like it is”. The use of this phrase has been examined by our Etymologists and Psychologists and has since been shown to stem from an absence of empathy for feelings beyond ones own, and an affliction of the mind in which sufferers are disillusioned enough to believe that their opinion matters.”

The timing of the study couldn’t be more significant. Millions of people across the country have memories fresh in their minds of family gatherings where a boring uncle, hipster nephew, yuppie sister-in-law or racist nan has forced their opinion on the assembled throng with the answer of “I’m just telling it like it is” to any and all who dare to disagree.

“We hope that our study will provide science, and the public, with a strong foundation to be able to empirically call these people out for the mouth-breathers they are.”

Ironically, Katie Hopkins, Tommy Robinson, and Morrissey all declined to comment.