French waiter Cyril Roux is a HUGE Marilyn Monroe fan.

‘I guess you could say I’m addicted to injections,’ mumbles Cyril Roux, a 32-year-old waiter from Toulon, through swollen lips that closely resemble a haemorrhoid relief ring.

Cyril, who currently looks like he’s trying to swallow a rubber dinghy, has spent an estimated £8,500 on cosmetic surgery including lip fillers and botox, all in an attempt to look like his screen idol, the one and only Marilyn Monroe.

Cyril has been under the knife for more than two dozen different procedures, including 16 lip filler sessions and botox in his quest to achieve the famous Norma Jean pout. He now hopes to save up to get cheek and chin implants and a nose job.

We at The Rochdale Herald wish him the best of luck as we reckon that, right now, his gob looks more like a dogs arse than a candle in the wind.

Thomas Thomas is Sub-Editor for The Rochdale Herald. Thomas is proud to support such causes as "Cornwall for Jam First" and "Drop Scones Not Bombs". His personal motto is "Fuck it, why not?"