At the Rochdale Herald it’s all about mindfulness and self improvement in January.

In that spirit, we take a look at 10 books you should read before you die:

1) Razzle, April, 1988, Snooker Loopy Edition.

This is widely regarded as the peak of razzle. For many who read it it raised questions never before considered. Questions such as, “Where did all those snooker balls go?” “Is it even possible to do that with a snooker cue?” “Surely that’s a foul?” Add to that a depth of story writing not seen since Dickens and you’ve got the greatest piece in the British literary cannon.

2) Vauxhall Chevette 75-78 1256cc Haynes Manual.

Essential reading for anyone who owned a ‘shove-it’ in the seventies and eighties. We read and re-read the chapter on how to stick the gearbox back together. An absolute classic and a must read for anybody into mechanics.

3) Green Party Political Annual 1983.

Discover what the Green Party would have done had they won the 1983 election. Relive a time when everyone was worried about global warming or nuclear war. Ask yourself, “Did I really have hair like that?”

4) 2 Unlimited – The Unauthorised Biography.

Gone but not forgotten, 2 Unlimited were huge in the 90’s. Relive the dizzying highs of “Get Ready For This”; Discover the inspiration behind the lyrics to “No Limits”; Discover who that Dutch bloke is who cleans the toilets in Reading train station.

5) Cooking with Coolio.

Ever wondered what Coolio lives on? Ever wanted to be just like Coolio? With this book you can be. Learn to cook his recipes. Become like the man.

6) Gareth Gates: Right from the start the inspiring rags to riches story of the first Pop Idol runner up.

Discover what it’s like to be ridden bare back through the New Forest by Jordan. Relive Gareth’s controversial views on bee keeping. Find out how Gareth went from fame to working as a call centre operative.

7) Gillian Mckeith: You are what you eat.

Join Gillian as she talks unsubstantiated rubbish about your diet. Then, poo into a box and find out how what you’re eating is killing you. It’s a classic and a must read for anybody and a great alternative to Twister at parties.

8) Everything you need to know about Rochdale AFC.

The Herald’s book of the last century. Why haven’t you read this yet?

9) Henry Bolton: The Great Game.

Discover how Henry got where he is today. Find the secret to marrying somebody younger than your children. Discover what Nigel does on weekends. Learn how to arrange your own tweed.

10) Paul Mckenna: I can make you rich.

Make Paul Mckenna rich by buying this book where he tells people to do blindingly obvious things like not spending all their money on stuff you don’t need. You’ll be amazed at how you ever survived without Paul’s top money saving tips.

Next week – Books you’ve read but wish you hadn’t.