There is growing support among Republican voters for a nationwide boycott of the book ‘Fire and Fury’ which contains several damaging claims about President Trump.

It is estimated that millions of Republicans, representing approximately 0.01% of the American book-buying public, are set to refuse to buy a book there was no remote chance they would have considered purchasing in the first place.

Committed illiterate Otis Spunkmeyer, speaking from the seat of his John Deere tractor in Marricousin, Alabama said “Books is the instruments of Satan. We ain’t never had no books in our house and we ain’t about to start now.”

Enthusiastically analphabetic citizen of Bonefuck Montana, Elijah Dumcluck, agreed. “Them books teach all the stuff we don’t wanna learn. Science, history, basic language skills, ain’t none of them got no interest for us, no sir.”

The proprietor of the last remaining bookstore in the mid-western states of the USA was reported to have starved to death last week after his last remaining potential income source, an order of ‘Lugers and Mausers for Dummies’ was cancelled.