A Rochdale man has died after being placed near a group of Gym buddies at a Christmas party.

Horace Cope was rushed to hospital after a chance meeting with Jim Nasium, a noted Vegan nutritionist and CrossFit enthusiast at the bar.

He was ordering a real ale and a roast beef dinner when he was stopped by Jim and given a two hour lecture on how a plant based diet can still build musclemass, be good for the environment, and give you the energy to win the Cobalt Enduro-500-Swima-Climba-Mara-Crossathon.

Horace’s body was said to start to fade away way when he was told the group that was entering the 60-hour endurance breath holding competition, was called Buns, Barbells and Bros.

Escape was impossible as the skinny jeaned, tight t-shirt quartet surrounded him to show off their Ironman tattoos, finisher’s t-shirts and post event social media posts with the word ‘Boom!’ ending every sentence.

He was believed to have suffered a cardiac arrest after one hour of tales relating to how tighter running pants shaved 0.03 seconds off the bike ride in Hawaii during the world Ironman championships.

He was said to have been revived for a brief period with a Kale shake provided by the group, but had a second attack when he was shown a team photo of them all in skin-tight lycra all in one body suits, following their 1st place at a 100 mile mudfest and hot-coal crawl in Mexico this summer.

As a goodwill gesture the group have offered his family a free Crossfit workout, following the funeral, and 50% off a Vegan food delivery for a 12 month subscription.