The Alabama Secretary of State has told Judge Roy Moore that he will have to finance any recount of the Senate seat vote.

John Merrill said that this was the only way any recount would take place, after Moore was surprisingly beaten by Democrat Doug Jones, adding “The people of Alabama have spoken tonight. They’ve made their voice heard loud and clear.”

Moore had earlier taken to the stage to tell a room full of apologists that the race was “not over.”

Moore was beaten by just 20,000 votes (1.5%) and sources claim that later in the evening he said “that was tight; very tight. I’ve always liked it tight, but this is close enough to trigger a second look.”

It is unclear whether Judge Moore was referring to the election, or something else entirely.

The result shocked and doubly disappointed many in the Republican Party, who had already planned a victory parade in the local shopping mall. Their initial disappointment had come after an intern reminded the organisers that the candidate was banned from every shopping mall in Alabama for ‘safety reasons’ (it is believed this refers to the safety of an, as yet, unnamed demographic), so wouldn’t be able to attend if he won.

Republican voters were incensed by what they they claim was a rigged election – Alabama businessman Peter Fial claimed that Democrats had fixed the ballot and a large number of people below voting age had been allowed to vote.

He pointed out that “many youngsters have been involved in what should definitely be deemed illegal acts in relation to Roy Moore.

“It’s an absolute disgrace and the sooner the appropriate authorities take action the better.”