The future of the British monarchy, American Meghan Markle, has successfully negotiated her first official public engagement as she absolutely nailed walking slowly and waving at people.

Crowds of people gathered out of morbid curiosity to see if a yank could in fact carry off both walking and waving at the same time without shooting anybody and she managed it and even threw in the odd handshake or two into the bargain.

A spokesbutler for Buckingham Palace told us “we are delighted by Ms Markles outstanding start to public life, we were all a bit nervous how things would go today but she proved effortlessly that she could walk slowly and wave and, well, that’s basically 85% of being part of the royal family. She’s almost perfected it day one”

People lined the streets waving both the union flag and stars and stripes of the American flag which we presume they’ll burn when President Trump makes his visit to the UK.

The only nervous moment was after shaking hands with one well wisher who had apologized for her hands being so cold Meghan reached into her coat pocket. Fortunately she pulled out some mittens and not a handgun as some had expected.

One on looker told us “She was so elegant. She managed walking slowly and waving just like Princess Diana did. It brought a tear to my eyes and fully justifies why we should have a Royal family.”

This was just the first in a long line of public engagements for the newly engaged couple but if Ms Markle can continue to walk slowly and wave like she has done so far then she will soon become the nations favorite.

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