Heavy drinking from breakfast till unconsciousness has won the top spot in a national survey to discover what makes Christmas so special for the British public.

Narrowly beating ‘Two days off work’ and ‘Getting an iPhone’, excessive alcohol consumption was consistently voted the most important aspect of the day across all age ranges in the survey, including those who are actually too young to buy alcohol.

Many respondents cited the ability to drink fizzy wine whilst wearing pyjamas as a key factor in making Christmas a heartfelt, meaningful time. Putting alcohol in literally every item of food was also felt to be a vital part of what makes Christmas so magical.

We spoke to some of the respondents as they exited the poll.

Lisa, 31, commented, “No other day of the year like it. You can start drinking booze literally the second you wake up. If I sat in bed eating liqueur chocolates and getting smashed on prosecco at 8 in the morning any other day of the year, I’d have my kids taken off me. But on Christmas Day, that is totally standard.”

Ben, 52, told us “Christmas is special, and the only day of the year when my family are all together. I start drinking buck’s fizz easy on the orange at breakfast, and move onto port about 11am. I have three or four glasses of red wine while I’m cooking dinner, and champagne when I’m carving the turkey. Brandy obviously over pudding, a sweet liqueur to finish and then if I’m still upright I’ll have a couple of single malts.

“I’ve never actually made it that far though without my kids having to put me to bed. What a truly magical time.”