James Hewitt has said he’s ‘thrilled’ at the announcement of the engagement of Prince Harry to ‘some sort from America’.

“Many people don’t know this, but I knew Harry’s mother for many years and I still think of the hush money with great fondness. It’s wonderful that Diana’s son has found happiness with an actress, the Royal Family has a long history with that profession and I can’t wait to meet her, she looks a proper sort”.

Asked if he would be attending the wedding, Hewitt said he hoped to be there in some capacity, although he didn’t expect to be giving any speeches. The mood darkened somewhat at the mention of Prince Charles, whom Hewitt alleged ‘blanked him’ at Prince William’s stag do.

“The conga came on and as the strippers led us out onto the Main Street in Magaluf, Charlie refused to join in, just because I was last in the line. He just sat there scowling at me over his Snakebite and black. I don’t understand it, it’s like he’s got the right hump with me. They better not put me at the back by the khazis”.

Like Hewitt, Harry has searched for some time for the perfect girl, but as Hewitt pointed out, “it’s not always easy to find the right one. Often they’re married and you find yourself riding polo ponies just to get a sniff, or you get elbowed by some rugger bugger on his way in.”

However, Hewitt is confident the couple have a long and happy future together, “and if not, I know a back way out of the Palace”.