Donald Trump has sensationally tweeted that Prince Harry was going to ask him to marry him.

POTUS explained on social media yesterday that he had turned down Harry’s proposal as he didn’t have the time to do the photo shoot and interview.

Trump tweeted, “I was asked by Queen Elizabeth if I would marry Prince Harry but your favorite President was too busy to do the interview. Sad!”

Kensington Palace has refused to comment however, it is rumoured that Prince Harry called Trump an orange gibbon.

One member of the Royal household told The Rochdale Herald that the Queen and Prince Philip had offered to have President Trump killed and his head mounted on a wall as a present to the couple to mark their engagement. Prince Harry allegedly told them that he would like to keep his free murder for somebody more deserving.

It wasn’t all bad news however. The American Forestry Commission named President Trump, “Tree of the year”.

In response President Trump tweeted:

“I will tell you, this is historic, epic what’s happened. I have massive conkers. The best conkers. People are always amazed at the size of my conkers.”
A spokesman for the Forestry Commission, Dr Leif Russell said, “We’re frankly disappointed. We thought he might get the idea that we think he’s made of wood but he seems ecstatic about it.”
President Trump went on to say, “Did Obama win tree of the year? Did crooked Hillary? The Forestry Commission created this award because they love wood. They love Trump wood. So they gave me this award honouring my wood.”

In other royal wedding news, there has been a rumour that Prince Harry’s stag do will be held in Rochdale. If other does come to pass the Herald will be there to report it.