A previously unknown Leonardo da Vinci work “My Spunky Pantaloons” has been bought bought by Charles Saatchi for £45m.

The jizzy kecks will be displayed as part of a new exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery premises at County Hall, London.

Saatchi has also been wearing them as his “lucky pants”.

When it was announced in May that the work was to be auctioned David Maup, a dealer in New York, described the work as “a truly great example of pants covered in little maps of Australia.”

English con-artist Tracey Emin said “This is the best fuckin’ fing he ever did. All that sculpture, frescos, Impressionism….ah mean any fucker can do vat. I can do all that stuff, but ah don’t want to, do I? Because it’s shit, not ‘cos I can’t do it

“But shooting your load on a pair of Pantaloons? That takes genius and courage to challenge the status quo and invite the viewer to re-examine his/her phalio-centric existence in the nihilistic resonance of the past. Plus some fucker will pay shit-loads for it!”

Damian Hurst wasn’t available for comment as he was taking a dump on a sea-lion.