The giant toy retailer has recently filed for bankruptcy protection in the US and Cananda after massive losses to rivals such as Amazon and other online competetitors.

Toy sales have been on a downward spiral for the last decade as technology improves and becomes cheaper each year. The firm’s CEO Jeffrey G. Raff said; “kids don’t know what to do with dolls these days, if they can’t watch a video on it or take a picture with it they’re stumped.”

Worrying for the future of the firm, Mr. G. Raff started studying the sales trends of other products that are currently doing well globally.

“I noticed a correlation between toys and sex toys. As sales of traditional Barbies and Kens decline, there’s been a sharp increase in demand for their adult counterparts; Barbie Tight Lips and Ten Men Ken.”

“We’re facing a galing financial hole, so the transition is a no brainer, even down to changing the store signs, it’s like one extra word in front of the rest.” He said.

The company rebrand is being trialled online next week and if successful a handful of stores in Canada will be transformed before Global roll out.

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