Veteran comic Mel Brooks, 91, has confirmed that his ambitious live action show, The President, will end shortly with a musical impeachment. Speaking at a rare public appearance as a guest of Dave Chappelle at Radio City New York, he said.

“Look, I’m getting old over here, so sure Donnie and I are going to have to wrap this up soon. But boy oh boy did we prove those Hollywood shmucks wrong yet again. The idea that we could take the premise of The Producers and apply it to the US Presidency, was laughed out of town when I pitched it for funding. But the Donald said he’d fund it if he could star in it, and well, here we are.”

“The President stars Trump as a guy whose main skill is surviving a string of business failures by conning people, who hits upon the greatest get rich quick plan of them all. He declares he’s going to run as President and persuades families and businesses to back him. Then, to ensure he doesn’t have to follow through and can just keep their checks, he decides to run as a Nazi.”

“Initially people are shocked, but then after gamers go wild online for his comedy turn mocking a disabled reporter as being “just like mocking your spas mate for being rubbish at CoD”, suddenly people get behind the joke. Trump finds himself caught out by Nazism being surprisingly popular and he has to follow through on being President of the greatest nation on earth whilst continuing a fascist agenda.”

“Obviously this situation can’t continue, so he engineers up a series of bigger and bigger mistakes, but this just causes him to become more and more popular. After a seriously big budget hurricane sequence is used to hide a classic insurance job on his Mar-a-lago estate, we move into the final act and of course, we have a musical number to pull it all together.”

“I won’t spoil the final denouement for you, but let’s just say you might want to think very carefully before applying for one of those black guy actor roles the Trump team are advertising.”